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I'm Megan Gregory, a private English teacher in Oslo, Norway. E-mail me at, or fill out this form, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. (Du kan også skrive på norsk til meg.)

I'm British, and a certified English teacher.

I will tailor the classes to you and focus solely on what you need, whether that's improving your speaking, listening, writing or grammar skills. Perhaps you want to improve your English for business, or just get better at talking to your friends in English. We can create a plan together for what you want to achieve.

I also teach children, and have worked for an international preschool in Prague. I can work with children who need help with their homework, or I can work with your younger children so that they can start speaking English early. The youngest child I've taught English to was two years old, he was just learning to speak. With young children we can play games, sing songs, and mainly just have fun, so that they feel comfortable speaking English.

If you'd like to have a class for you and your friends together, I can of course do that too.

I also do Skype classes, if you prefer that. We would have the same environment as in a one to one lesson.

Contact me at, or fill out this form. I'm happy to meet with you for an informal chat about what you want.